Classic West Coast Pub

Great food, affordable accommodation, and wonderful atmosphere.

Warm and Welcoming Interior

Our Inn has plenty of the cosy charm of yesteryear.

Delicious Food

Food prepared with love and care.

Affordable West Coast Accommodation

Our rooms are tidy, cosy and affordable.

Paparoa Great Walk Accommodation

We are right on the doorstep of the Paparoa Great Walk.

Live Entertainment

We regularly feature live entertainment.

Community Events

We regularly host community events at our Inn.

Outdoor Seating

We have plenty of outdoor seating for you to enjoy while you visit us.

Good Times with Good People

We are all about having fun and we want you to join us!

Blackball accommodation, hospitality and great food

The Blackball Inn and 08' Cafe is the new meeting and accommodation place on the block in Blackball’s CBD. Borne like a phoenix from the ashes of the old Club Hotel, the Inn has recently been refurbished and fitted out to create an incredibly cosy and comfortable space where good food and drink can be enjoyed at a leisurely and relaxing pace in a welcoming atmosphere with cosy rooms if you want to stay the night. Admire local art, be inspired by good books, immerse yourself in our town’s rich history, be entertained by a wide selection of board games, or try your luck at a game of pool or darts and be told a tale or two by one of our interesting locals!

The Inn is open seven days from 10am (but earlier by arrangement) until close for breakfast, lunch, and dinner utilising locally sourced quality produce wherever possible. West Coast roasted Kawatiri ‘Paparoa Thunder’ coffee will be ground fresh for your daily pick me up at any time of the day, and cold beers and fine wine and spirts will be dispensed responsibly to folk seeking something a little stronger to relax after a busy day of exploring our beautiful backyard.

Paparoa Great Walk Accommodation
On the main road not far from one of the entrances, Blackball's Inn an 08 Cafe is uniquely positioned to offer food, accommodation and great hospitality to adventurers looking to hike or bike the Paparoa Great Walk. Click here to learn more.

The Inn can sleep up to 12 people, with two local historic cottages also adding room for another 11 patrons. We can also offer tours of our town (subject to availability) where you’ll be able to immerse yourself in local history, stories, and the natural features of the area all with the expert guidance of one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members. We hope to see you Inn Blackball, soon!

Guest Comments

See what guests have been saying about Blackball's Inn and 08 Cafe.

"Great place to stay! We stayed one night. Really friendly locals. Great Staff. Great meals. Great beer. Great bed. Great showers. I will go back and stay because there is so much history in Blackball - one night sure ain't enough time to see everything. I do recommend the Blackball Inn as a place to stay. Keep up the great service you have. Many thanks from the three Stewart Brothers. We were there tramping the Paparoa Track."
-- Arthur Stewart, 18/07/2021

"Meals are fantastic and staff are a scream."
-- Mike, 28/01/2020

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